Hi, I'm Adam

Hey all,

Came down for the open evening on 8th March and really liked the space so now I’m a member! Primarily interested in getting into 3D printing but will definitely be going to inductions for laser cutting and CNC. Otherwise, I mostly tinker with software and electronics. I’m a software engineer during the day so would love to find some hobby software projects to get involved in.

Also, if anyone has any tips for getting stripped screws out of a Dell XPS laptop I could definitely do with the help. Somehow a battery replacement didn’t go as smoothly as I was expecting.

Looking forward to it,



Hi Adam,

Welcome to our community! You are now a full member and you have access to all members’ groups, to the induction waitlists and to the calendar. You should also have a Welcome message in your inbox to help you get going.

I recommend you check out Electronics Night on Thursday.

Hope to see you soon at the Makerspace,


HI Adam,

If 3D printing is on your to do list, I am just about to put up an induction for this Friday evening. Make sure your name is on the waiting list so you are kept in the running for a spot.

All the best,


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