Hi, I'm Adam

Hello! I’m Adam and I’m hopefully a newly-minted member of SLMS!

I stumbled across SLMS on the London subreddit of all places whilst I was back home for Christmas, and realised it’s only a short 15 minute stumble from my door - incredibly convenient. I then attended the open night on 08/02 and really loved what I saw. The community was warm and welcoming and the Space’s equipment is incredible!

I have a couple of projects in the back of my head (some custom furniture out of wood, I can’t seem to find anything that fits my needs) but really what’s attracted me to SLMS is the community component. I’m looking forward to coming hand hanging around, bouncing ideas off people and generally just enjoying the space.

When I need some beer money, I’m a mech engineer in the rail industry, so I guess if anyone’s planning to build a locomotive in the space I can probably help (it’s up to you to get it on the rails above). However, I’m always up for solving a practical challenge so happy to pitch in wherever I can. I’ve done a fair bit of metal design over the years (welded steel in particular) so feel free to reach out if need be.

I look forward to popping down more casually once my membership clears!


Welcome Adam!

Hi Adam,

You are now a full member of South London Makerspace, welcome! You’ll now have access to all member areas here on discourse, including the waitlists for inductions and the calendar. Next, come down and collect your fob!

Happy to help if you have any other questions.

Happy making,

Hi Adam,

A desktop was one of the first big projects I did here at SLMS. I thought it was a great project to do after familiarizing myself with the different tools we have and building the confidence to take on other projects.


Fantastic, thank you for linking the write-up! I’ll give it a good read and may pick your brains if I have some questions :slight_smile: