Hi I’m joe

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I’m a new member (Joe) so thought I’d better say hi.
Can anyone tell me how do I go about getting inducted in the wood work room?

(unknowndomain) #2

I would say follow this, but not sure if this is up to date?

(Joe) #3

Great, thanks for the info

(Dermot Jones) #4

Hi Joe,

Welcome to Makerspace

I’m tagging @Jonty_Bottomley and @CriticalTolerance as the active woodtechs, and they should be able to advise on inductions

It is totally okay to ask about inductions, we should probably rephrase the ‘hassle’ line the post to make that clearer

Inductions may have a £5 charge payable to the inductor, depending on who is running the session

And…if you’re experienced, and able to put in an occasional session…we likely need some more people running woodshop inductions. Speak to Jonty and Ed, as they have the overview here

(EdwardBilson) #5

Hi Joe,
I see you’ve added yourself to the woodshop foundation induction list. This is up to date and we hope to hold more inductions soon.