Hi I’m Francis

Hi there, I’m Francis.

I don’t have experience working with wood but I’d like to get to know some of the basics. My late grandfather was a wood carpenter and I want to connect with that on some level and also just think it’s a super useful life skill.

I’m not totally clear on how the workspace works, ie, for someone like me who is complete novice. I unfortunately can’t attend the open day this eve other wis so would have come along then. So grateful for any one who could enlighten me a bit ok how I can start to get involved.

Many thanks,

Hi Francis,

Welcome to our community! Indeed, getting into woodworking of any kind is super fun and useful!

I’ll give it a shot; by no means my explanation is complete or correct, just my personal opinion really.

A Makerspace to me is a place where a community of people can come together learn how to use materials, co-create, share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, code, build, be creative, or just hang out for a cuppa… open list really. We emphasize that we are not a business, we are all volunteers.

My favourite “thing” about SLMS is the community of like minded people sharing knowledge and making sure that machines and tools are operated safely.

For example, I always wanted to learn how to weld, but never really had any chance to do so. In order to weld at SLMS, you will have to pass a little workshop that we call inductions where another member with lots of metal work experience shows a small group how to weld safely and proficiently (well, it takes some practical experience to make MIG welds “look” nice, but everything I stuck together is still stuck together :laughing:

Same applies to Lasercutting, CNC routers, 3D Printers, sewing machines, vinyl cutters … the entire woodshop and so on. There are lots of machines that could potentially kill you (not an exaggeration, the metal lathe is not a joke!) - and it is reassuring to me that there are people with so much more experience than me that are always happy to help out or give you advice.

From my (obviously biased) point of view, to learn woodworking, a Makerspace is ideal. There is no agenda, just having fun, sharing knowledge - all in your time - no rush, no curriculum, and dare I say - the members fee is a no brainer, if you shop around other co-working open workshops.

Hope I gave you a little overview of “what we are”, feel free to come to any other event that fits your schedule. Check our calendar here on Discourse for other events that are open to members and non-members like Electronics Night (every Thursday evening) or Craft Social which happens every first Tuesday of the month. Open Evenings happen every other Wednesday, so after tonight, the next one will happen March 8th.

See you at the Makerspace,

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Hi Francis,

It’s a shame you couldn’t make the open evening tonight. I’ll be hosting the next one so do feel free to pop along.

Mark has written an excellent description but it’s worth seeing the place.


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Thanks both for your warm replies! Mark, your description was so helpful and has made me super excited to get involved. I will definitely attend the next open day on March 8th. Look forward to meeting with you then :slight_smile: