Hi I’m Christian

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Hello all,

Thank you for welcoming me to this maker community. I live with my family in South West London and are excited about DIY projects.

I enjoy woodworking, brick laying and metal work. Besides these interests I’m able to program (web full-stack, js).

I decided to put myself on the waiting list because I want to build a “flat pack” electric boat I can take on the non-tidal Thames and London Canals.

Hence I’m interested to learn more about precision woodworking, CNC Routers, Laser cutting.



Welcome! Sounds like you will fit right in!

I am working on the CNC machines so can help you get setup on that once we are able to a. Open and do inductions b. Accept new members :slight_smile:

In case you are interested… We do have non-members come down to help with volunteer days and meet people…


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Awesome. Thank you for your kind offer. I am very happy to come and say hi for a volunteer day whenever is convenient and possible. Is the Sunday such an event?

Looking forward to meet you. Just let me know once it’s open again. :slight_smile:

Yes 8/8!

Unfortunately I won’t be there as I am away on holiday, but there will be plenty of other folks to meet and get a glimpse of the space…

Hi Christian,

Great to meet you guys yesterday, and thanks for the great work on the garden and weed clearing!

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Thank you Dermot! It was great to meet everyone In person and help the community. I’m looking forward to the next meeting!