Hi! I’m Catriona!

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Just joined and so excited to get started!



What are you planning to make?

Hi! I’m not 100% sure yet! I have a few ideas floating around. Want to make something easy first to get back in to using the tools! When is the best time to come by and pick the fob and next workshop induction?


Hi Catriona


I’ve updated the system so that Discourse now knows you’re a member, and you’ll be able to access members areas and put yourself on induction waiting lists

See this how to get inducted on the tools guide

In general we recommend just turning up to the Space, meeting members and getting stuck into a project rather than waiting for inductions: there are members around almost every evening, and people will help non inducted members by doing simple cuts on the machines

If you plan a couple of days in advance and make a Discourse post asking if people will be around you can ensure getting in. There’s always members in on Wednesday evening (as it’s open evening) and Thursday (as it’s electronics night) from 7:30