Hi, I am Wed, a tourist in a bit of a pickle

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The lady of my heart and I arrived today, for a week in London. As we entered the room of the hotel, the luggage broke down. Nothing major but without the handle, a nuisance.

As I have read your rules and pointers, I need an introduction before let loose on the tools. Is there any chance I could get aid in a small reinforcing plate?

I plan on dropping by tomorrow Tuesday 220718 on craft social for non members.

The best!


Hi. As far as I know, Craft Socials have changed to the first Tuesday of the month.
I see that some members will be in the space, so you could try your luck and see if they can help.
Best of luck and enjoy your stay!

So cool you chose makerspace! How did you find us?

I am the secretary of Landskrona Makerspace in Sweden. I have also been a member of Lunds Öppna verkstad (the open shop of Lund).

As issues arose with the luggage, I figured I had to search for a makerspace in the region. I found three, of which the other two were unsuitable for my needs.

I respect the rules, and am only a temporary guest in London. We have to lug the luggage back home though. Meeting other like minded would naturally be very cool.

The calendar says tomorrow, and another thread did mention that the calendar is to be followed.



Thanks a lot!

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Opps! I did manage to read the calendar wrongly. I’ll pop by and have a few words, and take it from there.

maaaaaaan, so it turns out makers everywhere are just plain “cool” :slight_smile:

Nice thinking wed. Hope someone can help you!

We tried, oh how we walked. Started out around 18:00. Should have been a quick trip of about 30 minutes. Changeover at Farringdon for Herne hill by Thames link. Well Thames link was closed due to heat.

Various options ended at going by bus. Elephant and castle was a bit of a challenge to get around. At last we got on the 68. Apparently Herne hill road is a far cry from Herne hill.

At Herne hill at last, we asked our way forth towards Norwood road. After a looong walk, it turned out we had been on Norwood for a while, looking at the map, actually the whole time. The house numbers didn’t make any sense.

A guy was helpful with his phone and looked up the makerspace. Nearly all the back to a chineese place, under a tunnel and up Croxted Rd. At this point we had decided to end the project twice, but made a halfhearted effort anyway. So we stopped at Guernsey Grove. Time had passed 21:00

Would have been lovely to exchange some words with like minded people.

You were circling around Makerspace…all of the places mentioned are less than 5min from us… We are in the railway arches.


For future reference!

Yesterday, we went walking wrong. Today we saw the play that goes wrong. Yes, it did go wrong indeed.

All we emitted was puzzlement as we arrived by London public transport. Then again, we flew in from Copenhagen. Though, that was not in your zone.

While it would have been a lot more cool to fix the suitcase, it is easier to buy a new one.

Well, see you another time then!

Going back home on Monday. So few chances left. I’m open for suggestions.

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We’re having a bbq on Sunday, join! It’ll be in the afternoon til early evening (or however long will people stay here… Start 4pm

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Thanks! We gladly accept!


Thank you all for letting us find the place at last! And the bbq turned out well as well.