Hi, I am Vahid

(Vahid) #1

Hi Makers, I just joined the community.

I studied engineering and worked in an industrial design studio almost two decades ago, but since then have spent far too much time in meetings. I am keen to get back into making and see what you’re up to.

I am working on the electronics for an indoor greenhouse. Would love any tips, tricks or advice.

(Tom Hedges) #2


Thursday night is electronics and programming night - so that would be a good night for you to talk to like-minded people about the greenhouse project. Perhaps our @electrotechs know of someone who has done something similar…

If you haven’t already got yourself a red fob to open the door, then you should come in and pick one up. You can activate it using the terminal just next to the kitchen (you’ll need access to your emails to complete the activation).

If you’ve got any questions, then do ask on Discourse or around the space.

PS - what are you hoping to grow ? Nothing illegal, I hope!

(Dermot Jones) #3

Hi Vahid,

Great to meet you yesterday at the Space – apologies as I was on a tight deadline! Some very interesting conversation was brewing…

See you again soon!

(Vahid) #4

Thanks Tom, I have the red tag!

I’d love to connect with any @electrotechs who might have some analogous experience.

Sadly it’s a bit less exciting than illegal stuff. I am trying to keep my orchids alive when I travel.

(Vahid) #5

Definitely a conversation worth continuing!

(Andrea Campanella) #6

I’ve got esperices with senasors and automation if is needed :wink: