Hi I am Alex

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I studied boar building briefly a few years ago and am looking forward to be able to practice some of these skills. Having access to a proper vice is really exciting. Mainly chopping bits of wood in half and sticking them back together.



I am a new member.
I am assuming you meant boat building.
Sounds interesting. I have some very vague ideas about using copper rivets to build a chest. The copper rivets they use in boat building. I may be overthinking it. It would look nicer than simple clinched nails. It’s on my to do list.
Hope to see you round.

Chests with copper rivets sound lovely @Giles_Mould. Are they big or small?
I was wondering what boar building was! I should have though of boats… That sounds like a big project @AlThorp! Did you get to make any or did you learn how to?
I can’t imagine building something as serious as a boat…

The rivets are available in many different lengths. I have seen them used to join leather in a campaign chair. So not just for wood.

Hi Alex
I got quite excited about boar building for a moment as I’d just been to the British Museum exhibition about Troy. Thought you might have ideas for building a Trojan pig :wink:
However boat building is probably even more exciting :smile:

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