Hi from Marie

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Hi makers!
I’m Marie, just joined the SLMS. I’m a designer/creative technologist and looking forward to use the space & tools and meet fellow creatives!
I’ll be working on some digital art installation (I like to make stuff that relate to sound in some way or another) and personal projects (I’d like to start making some small furniture pieces, my knowledge of woodworking is only basic so would be happy to get some advice and induction for this!).
I’m happy to help out, if need be, in laser cutting/3d printing, some electronics/coding, and I do a bit of ceramics too if that ever comes to the space!
See y’all soon!


Hi Marie,

Your art installation project sounds fascinating. My current project is hacking together a modular synthesiser so I’m also having fun with sound.

Hi Marie,

I’m also working with sound and electronics! Would be cool so see what you’re up to- do you have plans to be in the space any time soon?

Hey @deadlight and @hanmack101,
Cool to know you guys are also working on sound stuff, I wanna know more! I’m probably gonna come to the space for the electronics evening next Thursday, will you be around?

@marie: sadly I’m not usually able to come to the space on Thursdays but I might be there this weekend - I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, here’s a thread I’m going to keep updated as I build my synth: Synth modules

I’ll also put together some more detailed write-ups as I progress.

Sweet, I can pop around this weekend too, let me know! I’ll bring a little synth I made at a workshop too :slight_smile: yours is looking good, curious to see what it sounds like!