Hi from James

Hi folks, you can call me James or Jimbo. I just filled out the waiting list form so I thought I’d introduce myself here.

I’m a professional software engineer, so it won’t surprise you that I’ve written a lot of code in my time. However, I am interested in all kinds of maker pursuits: woodwork, electronics, amateur radio, 3D printing, and I used to be really into film photography before my darkroom was flooded. The most recent thing I built was a version of the NeoGB Printer (https://github.com/zenaro147/NeoGB-Printer). I’ve also nearly finished a Java library for extracting and editing Super Mario Bros. levels. Future ideas include a replica Donkey Kong arcade cabinet, and I will definitely be building antennas for amateur radio at some point.

Anyway, I hope to be able to join you folks soon and meet people with similar interests. See you all soon I hope!


Hi James,

Welcome to our community. Sounds like you’ll fit right in. You should have an invitation to join in your inbox. If you are available next Wednesday, there’s an open evening for a scenic tour and a chat.

See you at the Makerspace,

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Thanks Mark. Very happy to have been asked to join right away. I will definitely come on Wednesday.

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