Hi Folks, Im Dorine just joined the space

Looking forward to meeting some of you tomorrow at the open day.

Decided to join the group as I needed access to woodworking machines as I’m starting to work with wood again. I’d like to incorporate some Kumiko designs into my projects and other small scale wood based projects but lack those tools at home. The option of screen printing looks pretty cool and getting access to a TroTec is just awesome as an opportunity to see what it can do vs. my workhorse of a Glowforge Pro. I’ve also never played with a CNC machine so looking forward to that too.

I’m based in Catford where I run my own makerspace from my home studio, lucky to already have a lot of toys to play with that I brought over from our Kent makerspace when we moved back to London. I recently started a small service business offering 3D printing, Laser cutting and large format vinyl printing - Design, Print and Cut studio.

Other interests: I’m also deep diving into the world of Sublimation onto stretch Polyester and TPU (3D Printing) via Stable diffusion Art (we host the AI on our own computer) and my 16 year old daughters art who attends the Brit school doing graphic design. Her current hyper focused obsession is Lego Monkie Kid characters so been encouraging her to create sticker packs together with Genshin Impact stuff so she can start a small business selling at Anime conventions :slight_smile: - She is also great at teaching other kids how to do this stuff as having grown up as part of MozFest (Mozilla Festival) community running her own workshops while I was leading the Youth Zone when it was still hosted in London.


Hi Dorine,
Welcome to our makerspace! Sounds like you’ll fit right in.
A great way to start is to have a look at the induction waiting lists and add your name to the bottom of the lists you need to be inducted on. You will then be notified when the next is running.
I hope you have a great time at the Open evening tomorrow.

See you soon at space

Thanks for the heads up, added myself to lists :slight_smile:

Quick question on parking: what are the parking options at the space? I have to pick my daughter (aged 16) up from Orchestra lessons practice in Bromley and then drive to the space tomorrow, also can she come with me or its an 18+ event?

Have a look at the following discussion about parking.
And yes you can bring your daughter along.
Enjoy the open evening and hope to see you soon at the space!


Parking is chaotic but usually possible just make sure you leave a note in the window with a contact number or where you’re at, as long as people can get the car moved no one Minds at that much

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Fab thanks all :slight_smile: see you this evening and lets hope I don’t get locked in! :smiley:

Hi Dorine,
I think I love the sound of everything you are up to!
I’m in Croydon. Not a maker of anything as detailed as you, but living with a creative soul does bring me into contact with all sorts, and I’m interested in your small service business.

Theo and I are going to the open day, so I’ll hopefully bump into you.



Thank :smile:

Hi Dorine. I’ll be one of the hosts this evening — Looking forward to welcoming both of you, and hopefully you’ll like what you see.