Hi folks, I'm Cheong

Hey fellow makers!
Thanks Rianne for introducing the workspace in the open evening today!
I’m Cheong, a musician originally from Hong Kong. I’m currently learning wood working and my wish is to make music instruments. I’ve tried a bit on lathe and wood turning, and would love to learn more about 3D printing / CNC / laser cut too.
I’m really excited to see this community and would love to see what people are making! I’m willing to volunteer to help in anything whenever I have some free time. Hope to see you all soon!


Welcome Cheong! You should look out for the occasional music nights at the space too - all welcome to play and/or listen.


Great to meet you yesterday Cheong! Hopefully see you soon at the space :slight_smile:

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Hi Cheong,

Welcome to the space!

Hi Cheong,

Welcome to our community. Just a quick question: Have you received your invitation to join the Makerspace via e-mail yet? Apparently some of our e-mail invitations seem to be going to the spam folder.

Thanks a lot.

See you soon in the Makerspace,

Oh, thanks for reminding! Yes, it did get into spam folder. I’ve received it, thanks very much!