Hi everyone!

This is Arnie, recently joined makerspace and very excited and honoured to be part of such an amazing community. Not sure how it works when can we actually start working, participating? I have a wide range of skills from building, electronics, soldering, brazing, woodworking, heating , cooling and flexible schedule. I would love to get involved . Also own a van that could be useful too and can make one of the best pizza from scratch not sure if there is any cooking options at the moment but we could definitely build something right :slight_smile:

My main goal is to be able to build all sorts of prototypes, interesting machines, unique solutions at the same time I am more than happy to share any of my skillsets, teach, assist, help out.
Looking forward to meet you all and wishing you a happy Saturday !


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Hi Arnie,

Welcome to the SLMS community!

You probably have seen this post, just to make sure - I send it once more. I highly recommend this post:

If you haven’t picked up your keyfob, come down to the Makerspace when it’s open and pick one up. Check the calendar for when the space is open. You’re very welcome to drop in at any time and hang out. Thursday’s is Electronics Night which happens pretty much every week. No project needed, just come and get yourself familiar with the Makerspace. Open all the drawers, get the wifi going… home is where the wifi autoconnects! :wink:

And yes, get signed up to all the inductions you’d like to attend - and no sweat - the lists look long, but the inductors are usually fairly quick in working those down. Once inducted, you can start using all the tools you’re inducted on.

Hope that got you started.

See you at the Makerspace!

Hi Mark

Thank you for the kind welcome and useful info, I am planning to swing by tomorrow evening I saw there is a craft and textile workshop. Although I am more skilled on electronics but keen to learn new skills. See you around :slight_smile: