Hi everyone, I'm Tobias

Hi all, I’m Tobias.

I’m very excited to be joining the makerspace. I don’t have much experience with making but I’m keen to learn woodwork and to make some furniture for my new flat in South London - particularly a desk if anyone has experience and tips! I’m also really excited to learn how to use a lathe (was absolutely taken aback as a kid watching a French craftsman turning spinning tops at a village market) and am imagining working on a lamp stand.

I’m also keen to learn some screen-printing having played around with some mono-printing before. And I need to finish whittling a chess set. I’m looking forward to being excited by lots of your projects too!

I will be paying my deposit any day now, I’m just hoping to secure a little more stable income in the next week. Looking forward to Wednesday’s open evening!

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Hi Tobias,

Welcome to our community! You found the right place, lots of opportunities to learn new skills and tricks. Lots of lathe inductions going on currently, seems a very popular tool! So get onboard, and tuck into making!

If you haven’t seen the Makerspace and you’re available next Wednesday, come along to the Open Evening for a tour and a chat!

See you at the Makerspace,

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