Hi Everyone - I'm Jack S

(Jack Silby) #1

Hello Everyone,

I’m Jack S - for a while an urge to build has been stalking me and am keen to meet everyone and learn more about what a maker space is. Previously I have had fun messing around with things like epoxy resin and small hand rotary tools carving away at wood for amateur projects - I work an office job so the last time I was in a proper workshop was back at school.

I am mainly interested at the moment in getting introduced to how a laser cutter works, eventually leading up to a project I have in mind building some small wooden or perhaps even perspex boxes.

I hope to make an appearence this Wednesday 6th for an open day walk round.

Cheers! :grinning:

(Andy Sanderson) #2

Welcome Jack!

(Jack Silby) #3

Thanks Andy.

Is it better to turn up around 7.30 for the Wednesday open day or is it more free form than that?

(Andy Sanderson) #4

Doors open at 7:30, so best to come right around then so the host can do an organised tour a bit after that- normally there will be a few people working on projects about you can chat with as well and check out the space!

(Jack Silby) #5

Neat - thanks for the advice. Guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

(Jack Silby) #6

Thanks to everyone yesterday for the open day and tea and general welcoming atmosphere and also to Rob for doing the introducing and explaining - much appreciated.

I am super keen to get involved but understand there is a bit of a process - I’ve signed up now for membership though am not yet permitted to submit my monthly contribution. If I need to do anything additional, if someone could tap me on the shoulder that would be cool.

(Dermot Jones) #7

Hi Jack,

Glad to hear you had a warm welcome!

Yes, before you can join you need to sign up to our membership mailing list at the bottom of the page at https://southlondonmakerspace.org/capacity/

You’ll get an email in a few days with our pre-membership survey, and when the survey closes we can open up your account for payment

We realise the website is confusing on this point – we’ll get it updated this week!

Meanwhile: what are your areas of interest?

(Jack Silby) #8

Hi Dermot,

Thanks for the steer - I have jumped on the mailing list. I’ll look out for that survey!

In terms of interests - I am interested right now in learning about laser cutting. I am going to step away and teach myself inkscape so I can start producing appropriate files for a box making project (likely in wood and or acrylic). Though generally I am just trying to satiate an urge to build and grow my knowledge, which is best fun when you are doing it with other people.

In the past I have enjoyed painting portraits in oil and acrylic, as well as rotary tool wood carving and also making little pieces of scenery and tokens for games out of epoxy resin, spackle, LEDs and wood and so on.