Hi everyone, I'm Gerardo

Hi everyone,
I’m Gerardo and I am a new member of the SLMS.
I am a musician and I plan to use my membership to experiment with shapes and woods that improve the sound of clarinets. I am mostly interested in using the lathes (I have a few years of experience on these machines, too, so if anybody needs help with basic stuff I might be able to contribute).
I look forward to seeing you around.

Hello @directors , many thanks again for starting my membership. I was wondering when I can come to collect my tag.
Also, who would be the best person to ask for a quick induction on the metal lathe and clearance to use it? @Howard perhaps?
Many thanks for all the help!
Have a great weekend.


We still need to work out Risk Assessments and inductions for the metal lathe

Currently there is no one approved to run inductions on it

@Howard has expressed an interest though…so maybe this will help move things forward

Thanks, Dermot, for your prompt reply.
When I talked to Howard during the open evening, he said that it shouldn’t be a problem for him to do that (I understood that it is only pending on your permission).
As I wrote in previous emails, the main machine that I need to use is the metal lathe and I started paying the membership hoping to start using it as soon as possible.
Could you clarify the time frame for this process? Could that be at Howard’s earlier convenience?
Many thanks for all your kind help.

A Risk Assessment (RA) needs to be prepared and then reviewed by a knowledgeable person, then approved by a director. Without this no one should be using the lathe at all

The induction should cover every suggested mitigation in the risk assessment and impart a level of knowledge related to specific use of the relevant machine (for example on the woodlathe members are initially inducted in turning between centres, and can later be inducted for faceplate turning)

Anyone being inducted on a dangerous machine will need to read and sign a copy of the RA

I’m happy to support anyone in the RA process, but don’t have specific knowledge for the lathe

P.S. as an experienced user you may well be able to input into this process

Are you suggesting that I should start planning a RA myself and let it be reviewed by, say, Howard?
If I understand well, you need a written document that underlines the steps for an official induction on the metal lathe. I have found some Risk Assessment templates suggested by the “Health and Safety in Engineering” government official page (hse.gov.uk and sserc.org.uk) – I could use those to shape one with Howard, if that can help. If I have your permission to go ahead with this, could you anticipate how long it will take for the directors to approve the RA? I would otherwise avoid starting such process if it were taking a long time while I’m still paying for my membership.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I’m happy to help if needed.

That’s great Gerardo, I’ve been reading the document and writing some comments to all the items.

Thank you, Howard.
Let me know which changes needs to be made and I’ll amend the document.
Have a great Sunday!

Hi Howard
I have copied the RA in the spreadsheets as Dermot suggested.

Could you let me know which changes I should apply? Then Dermot suggested Will as a moderator to sign off the RA.
Thanks and have a great weekend,

sorry, the link doesn’t bring you immediately to the right one, but is under the Metal Lathe tag (let me know if you don’t find your way around it).