Hi all!

Hi everyone,

I work in the wood work trade-Joinery and Oak timber frame building (Tudor designs).

I attended the open evening today and I had a warm welcome from everyone.

I really look forward to using the workshop
and being a member as soon as possible.


Welcome Ian!

Hi Ian,

Welcome to our communtiy.

Have you filled our our pre-membership survey by any chance? If yes, you should have received an invitation to join already, if no - it will only take a minute. :slight_smile:

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Hi, hope all good.:blush::nerd_face:.
Regards to wood workshop. When can I go thru induction as need to use spindle moulder- planer thicknesser and morticer?. I await your response regards

Check out the Admin section for the main waiting lists for all the tool inductions. To work in the wood shop, you’ll need to complete the Basic Wood Workshop induction.

Add your name to the bottom of any waiting lists you’re interested in and as soon as a member announces an upcoming induction, you’ll receive a notification and can say if you’re available.

A great resource for how to South London Makerspace is our How-To Index.

If you have any other questions, happy to help.

Hi, my name is Jerome. I am the treasurer of the Gold Coast Techspace in Australia and wanted to come and say hello and look around your maker space. This evening or tomorrow would be great if possible. Please let me know if this is possible

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Absolutely, feel free to visit whenever you like. I’ll be around myself at some point tonight and would be happy to show you around the place.

Thanks for the quick reply Daniel, that would be great. I’ll probably drive from Putney, is there any parking nearby? What time are you likely to be there?

There is “parking” on the estate but there tends to be a lot of movement as we have a very busy mechanic next to us. It’s possible you may be able to find a spot somewhere out of the way if you’re lucky.

If you wish not to chance it on the estate, there is parking on the streets, observe this half-complete map I’ve made:

The yellow pin in the middle is the Makerspace. The green lines surrounding the Makerspace indicate sections where parking is freely available (except between midday to 2pm) and are your best chance. The other coloured lines have different restrictions, most of them end at 6pm or 7pm. The red line directly outside of the estate is probably alright but only due to the fact that the parking restriction signs have been vandalised and could be reinstated at any time but is also on a busy road and doesn’t have free spaces for very long.

Hope that helps!


That’s great, much appreciated.

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This would be a great addition to the parking section on the how to access the space page :slight_smile:

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