Hi all!

Hi everyone! I’m Mitesh.

Really excited to be joining the makerspace!!

I am a bit of a novice when it comes to making things, but I’m really keen to get into woodwork and electronics. I’d quite like to make a bird feeder at some point so any tips would be appreciated.

Of what I have made, probably the coolest one was this force plate I made for my final year project at university. It was made to perform gait analysis on (and weigh) South African penguins in the wild.

I’ll be coming in soon to collect my fob, so I suppose I will see some of you soon!


greetings maker

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What a great project! Did you have a chance to test it out yourself?

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Thank you! I was meant to test it at Bristol Zoo in March 2020 but lockdown happened unfortunately. Instead, I made fake legs (those rods with the black base) to mimic penguins walking on it!

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Next phase of the project, robot penguins!