Hi all

Hello all. Helen here. New to this all. Not really sure what I’m doing but I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Buying my first flat soon and looking to fill it with my own personal touches. Starting small and I suspect my first project will be a spice rack!


welcome aboard!

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Don’t worry, me neither and I’ve been here for years!


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Hi Helen! Nice to meet you!

A spice rack sounds like a great first project! I am sure once you get started here you will find that you want to do so many projects with all the new tools (toys) :grinning:


I can see it now… a beautiful spice rack laser cut in 10mm clear acrylic!
Well, at least that’s what I would make…added to my loooong list.

Welcome! and see you at the space!


Nothing wrong with a spice rack! in fact I think some ideas are floating for some intermediate woodshop inductions to be exactly that?

Get on the waiting list for your Basic Woodshop Induction here

Get stuck in, indeed :slight_smile:

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with LEDs.

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