Hi All, I'm Gary

Just moved here from South Africa, my main areas are 3d printing, electronics and coding with a bit of experience in metal fab and welding.

despite having little experience with wood both my current projects require skills I’ve yet to learn. I’m currently ruining a guitar because I didn’t heed the warnings regarding tung oil and I’m in the process of rebuilding a bass guitar too… could use some advice from @woodtechs on both projects. any luthiers around? :smiley:

looking forwards to learning and contributing to the community


Hi Gary! Nice to read your intro :slight_smile:
We did have a @luthiers group for a while! There were some amazing instruments, including guitars, being made by various people. I know at least one of these people moved away and it’s been quiet for a while now unfortunately…
I can’t offer any advice myself but I’m sure someone will come along at some point!

Hi Gary.

We should restart a luthier group as there are a few of us actively building instruments. The pandemic had made things difficult, but I for one would be very keen to start one up. I need a lot of tips and discussion myself!

Hi Johan,

iv been making a few mistakes, luckily its nothing a little sanding cant fix…

Haha. Sanding fixes most things eventually…

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if ever there were words worthy of being framed in a woodshop, its those!

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Welcome Gary, what part of SA? I’m from Durban and moved over around 5years ago

Hey Mark,

im from Joburg, only been here since March… landed a few days prior to lockdown so its been an interesting transition! :disappointed:

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