Hi all, Durril here

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I’ve just become a member and will be picking up a key tag very soon!

I’m an artist working with 3D CGI and installation- I make live procedural animations as artworks
I use the Unity game engine mostly - so I’ve got some skills in coding, modeling, simulation (to some degree) and design in general.

I also make with VR - particularly for architectural/object visualisation. I’m open to collaboration/offering services - maybe visualising spatial layout in the workshop, for example.

I have an overlapping interest in different kinds of making and would like to be able to build up skills across the facilities. Very keen to use the laser cutter and the 3D printer. I have a DLP printer at home and use that occasionally- but not so keen on the use of resin. I also want to be able to design and make my own storage furniture, as well as mechanical and electronic systems as part of my work and hobbies.

Another thing is that I am part of an artist’s studio environment in Croydon and will be implementing some small makerspace capabilities next year - so i would be interested in understanding/learning about infrastructure from the SLMS however that may be.

I like playing boardgames! eurogames, cardgames etc. Happy to bring anything to game night.
Thankful to have become a member!

Cool! Welcome!