Heya Everyone!

Heya! I’m Samra, back in London after several year in Yorkshire.

I’m keen to make the little sculptures in my mind and learn some new skills along the way. Keen to also chat about arty things and happy to help with wood/textiles induction or building things


Welcome Samra! I am curious what the little sculptures look like! You should be able to bring them to reality with all the cool tools at SLMS!

See you around!

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Heya Andy - I’ll bring in my little paper models one evening to show you. They’re of this character that runs away from being a martyr and transforms into these animal/bionic things. I’d like to work with 3d printing, wood, clay :slight_smile:


That sounds really cool and I am sure you will be able to use so many different tools in our workshop!

We have a textile meetup every 2 weeks. The next one is next Tuesday! Why don’t you come along? I am also intrigued about your sculptures!

Hey @Julia , sounds like a good idea. What time on Tuesday?

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It starts at 6.30pm

Fab! See you there

@Julia whoops I made a mistake - I’m busy tomorrow evening at that time :frowning: will anyone be around earlier to introduce myself to?

We have an open evening on Wednesday starting at 7, if that suits you better.

Thank you! That’s perfect, see you then.