Hey 👋

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Hey everyone!

Excited to be here with like minded people! Thanks so much for adding me. Look forward to meet ya and contribute to a community oriented space.

I used to work in a digital youth centre last year with a complete maker space in Sweden. Now I came to live in London mid December 2020 and am glad that makers are here too! I’m multi skilled and don’t limit myself - learning addict :smiley: Done quite some exciting jobs/projects like running a Planetarium in my home country Malta, designed and manufactured an XR studio in Sweden, been part of projection mapping projects and a graphic designer most of my life.

Would love to learn more about electronics and get to know about local suppliers.

My big step forward is to buy a van or bus (preferably a London bus :heart_eyes:) to convert it into my future home that’s why I was looking for Makerspaces but this one has an added bonus - the community!

See ya :v:


Hi Steve,


I believe you came along to the big clearup day yesterday?

The XR and projection mapping stuff sounds fascinating: is this stuff hobbyist- accessible nowadays?

We have a regular electronics night on a Thursday which you’d be welcome to join

We’ve had a few members work on van conversions over the years, although our lease is quite particular that we’re not to work on vehicles on site (there’s a bit of a history of railway landlords being against car mechanics…but that’s a story for another day)

Would be great to hear about the digital youth centre work as we are interested in running sessions with young makers (and have done various projects over the years)

Thanks a lot :smiley: Yes I was there yesterday for the first time! Was exciting to see the place, meet some of the members and hear about future plans :slight_smile:

Both technologies are mostly accessible and quite simple to setup, it depends how wild you want to go with it. Extended Realities (XR) is just an umbrella term for all virtual reality technologies. For Mixed Realties you need a green screen stage, cameras, software and of course a VR headset - basically you record yourself in the game (it is exciting to try especially for youtubers). MR wasn’t so accessible until lately a young company called LIV released its software on SteamVR which makes easier to setup VR games, virtual cameras (vcams) and slr/action cams/webcams to work together. For augmented reality there’s software which is also very accessible.

Projection mapping is a simple projection on a ‘map’ - it could be a simple mask to a whole facade. The ‘map’ is the object digital replica in a 3D environment. One just need to be aware of that to create animations. It’s an extra added step with an animation pipeline.

Great to know about Thursdays, will definitely be joining these :smiley: I’m still getting oriented with this discourse, could you send me a link for the event pls.

No worries, I have a parking space myself and could hire a van to take any piece I make there. I understand your concern. I would mainly need to build some parts/furniture and installation can be done at my place.

I would be happy to contribute for any youth workshops. I mostly worked in youth oriented environments.

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