Hey! I'm Steve and I want to re-introduce myself!

Hi everyone!

My name is Steve and I want to re-introduce myself as some time ago, I was looking to join the Maker Space. Unfortunately, I was in limbo for a while with a visa to stay in the UK, so I decided not to join and take a spot, when someone who is permanent in London could have taken it.

Thankfully, I’m now here for years to come and I would love to re-join when a space becomes open!

I love working with computers, and making computers interact with the real world! I still want to get my project of a RaspberryPi based bar code scanner off the ground so I can help people recycle! But I have found myself with a million other projects. I am currently working on a cheap-to-build home theatre system, that is hackable, modular and extendable.

I also love brewing beer (even though my waste line doesn’t love it so much). I would love to share brews with everyone at the space! If anyone has any suggestions on a type of beer, let me know and I will happily make something tasty!

I’m really hoping to join the Maker Space! The open day I went to some time ago was great! Everyone was so friendly and had such amazing and interesting projects, it was very inspiring! My mind started running with ideas on projects to start, or improve with all the tools available. I think it would also be a great opportunity to get to meet people with similar DIY interests.

Thanks for taking time to read and I hope I get to meet you all soon!!


Hi. You’re working on very exciting stuff, Steve.
What beer do you have in stock? Happy to try some!

The barcode scanner sounds great as well.

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