Hey, I'm Paris

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Hi Everyone!
My name is Paris, I’m a product designer that spends far too long in front of a screen in the week and now I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a few personal projects that may progress into something else… who knows! Also happy to help with any projects that might need some of my help with 2D/3D software.
I’ve visited the space a couple times and I hear I need to complete an induction to the various workshops which is completely understandable! I’ve had a read through the Woodworking inductions on here as that is what I would mainly want to use.
However, I imagine I’d need to do an induction in the workshop, how/when could I do this?


Welcome to the space!!!

For inductions, you need to take a look in the induction sessions category for inductions that are scheduled, and to also put yourself on the appropriate induction waiting lists so you get pinged when the inductions you’re interested in are scheduled!

I hope that helps!

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Hi Ara, thanks so much!

Just had a look and its showing that they might be private? Do you know if I need to do anything additional to be able to view these pages?


Hey Paris,

Have you completed your membership sign up and made your first payment? Until you do that you don’t get access to the internal stuff, I don’t think.

Hey Ara,

Yeah all paid for and up and running, I’ll send an email to the directors to see if I can figure it out. Thanks for your help!

It might just be the issues we’re having with the membership system -> discource sync! Emailing directors will definitely be the way to go.

Hey Paris,

I’ve linked up your Discourse and membership accounts – this should get synched automatically today… check back in a while and let us know if you still can’t see the members areas

Edit: looks like it’s all working now!

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Hey Dermot,

Yup all up and running. Thanks so much!

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