Hey, I'm Matthew


I’ve now set up my direct debit to join the space - I’m very excited to become a new member of SLMS.

I’m an installation artist (https://www.instagram.com/mattwoodham/), and I’m currently studying Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art. I’m currently based nearby in Forest Hill - which is much more convenient than the uni workshops!

I primarily work with electronics, laser cutting, 3D printing, woodwork and metalwork.

I’ve been involved with Nottingham Hackspace for several years and I really appreciate the communities that maker spaces provide. I met some of you at an open electronics night, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you on the open day on 22nd.

One question I had - how does CNC usage work? I am assuming I will have access to the inductions category once I’m a full member. Is there a cost to using the CNC? I’m also assuming we use our own bits for the machine?


Hi Matthew,

Welcome to our community! Well, you’ve said it all - Makerspace communities are best. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home at SLMS.

First pop in to collect your key fob. We store all user perms, i.e. door access, tool control, etc… on that.

Next, get your name on the CNC induction waiting list for CNC and it shouldn’t take too long for your induction session. Don’t be put off the long waitlist. They usually operate on a first come - first serve policy in terms of signing up.

If your CNC needs are really, really urgent, you could always ask a member who has been inducted on the CNC to help you out, or a CNCtech.

Happy to help out with any other questions.

See you at the Makerspace,

Woops, sent my message a bit too early, had overlooked your questions. :scream_cat:

You’re a full member now, you have access to all member areas here on Discourse, including the induction categories. There is no cost for using the CNC, this is included in your membership fee. You can bring your own bits anytime, we got a nice set ready to use for every member and the CNC Techs will make sure that everything is in working order so you can CNC 24/7. :slight_smile:

See you at the Makerspace,