Hey, I'm Josh :D

Hi all, I’m Josh.

I’m a product manager by day, working with software engineers to build digital products and services for (mostly) cool fintech companies.

I’m an aspiring hobbyist woodworker/software engineer/electrical engineer/3D printist(?) generally looking to take an inter-disciplinary approach to creating full physical products. In other words, I like to play around with Arduino’s and then make nice casings for them :joy:

Now I’m a member, I have two projects I’d like to work on. Once I’ve been able to get to a woodshop induction, I have an old 70’s mahogany desk that needs a revamp, a darker stain, and a new leather top inlay.

Whilst I wait for that, I’d like to begin my first proper Arduino project - an Alexa/voice-command activated automatic blind opener.

I also heard about the purchase of the arch next door when I came to the open evening. Would be very happy to help out renovating the space so that I can pick up some skills along the way.

Looking forward to getting stuck in and meeting everyone!



Hi Josh, welcome!

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Welcome Josh,

I’m interested in your automatic/remote/smart blind operator and learning Arduino.

Although personally without the alexa functionality. Perhaps it could be an optional extra?

Perhaps it could operate automatically at certain times/light conditions?

Thanks Robert,

For me, voice-operated would be the MVP for my use case, with a timer function as a nice-to-have/stretch goal.

A lot of the projects on my backlog are related to smart home technology. I’ve already bought quite a few smart plugs which have a pretty nice app interface which allows you to set timers, but you can also voice activate them through Alexa.

But yes, the input will be the last thing I’d do, I imagine. The first stage will be to find a motor strong enough, figure how to connect it to my particular blinds, then make a casing strong enough that I can fix to the wall.

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Thanks for the prompt response.

I’m also interested in smart home tech and bespoke furniture design.

I’ve got a couple of remote mains switching devices that I’ve yet to use, including a 4 gang switch.

I’ve got some experience with motors, electrics, 3d design and various blinds.

While I see the power of voice control I’m not comfortable with the potential privacy and security issues.

That’s fair enough, I appreciate that a lot of people do. But if Amazon employees want to listen in on my hum-drum home life, more fool them.

May definitely give you a shout for your knowledge on all the above. This is definitely a learning project for me. I’ve had a quick look over some Arduino bits and pieces, but no proper projects yet.

My concerns are more in the big data/big brother and hacker arenas

Ah, yes, definitely a fair point. I shalln’t be installing a smart home door locking system just yet… :sweat_smile:

True story, a guy at work has a degree in electrical engineering. Hi final year project was self/adjustable blinds, they adjust also based on the light in the room!
I’ll ask him to share his learnings.

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