Hey, I'm Emily

Hey all!

I’m a maker, nerd, and active student member of the York hackspace who’s coming back down to London next academic year. I’m excited to get involved in the space and have more tools to work on my projects! Currently I’m getting into high-power rocketry, but my biggest interest is in 3D printing.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon :slight_smile:


Hi Emily,

Welcome to our community! Great you found us! I’m sure you’ll fit right in! You should have an invitation to join in your email inbox by now!

See you at the Makerspace,

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Thank you so much Mark!

Do you know if anyone will be about this Wednesday evening and if I can come by to visit the space before I join? If not, I’ll be at the open evening :slight_smile:

There will be people around on Wednesday, it’s a normal day. If you tell me what time you plan to be there, I can try my best to turn up and show you around the space myself and hopefully answer any questions you may have. It must be told, I do not currently do any 3D printing myself, but I’m sure there will be other members who do that can answer 3D printing related questions for you.


Hi @emilyd,

I think you’ll like the Makerspace. It has lots to offer.

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Hey Daniel,

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the offer of your time. I should be about at around 6-7pm this Wednesday if that’s okay with you.

Would it also be okay if my girlfriend came along at the same time - she’s also looking to join?

Looking forward to seeing you!

That time is fine with me, and of course, guests are more than welcome. See you then.

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