Hey I'm Eimi - new member

(Eimi Okuno) #1

Hello everyone!
I just joined the space but haven’t had time yet to come visit.
I’ll be around next week open day to get the tour.

I am a software engineer by day, and wanted to pursue my interests using electronics to build physical computing installations. I’ve done some work with EE but I’ve basically forgotten it all now.
I’m super excited to tinker around and do all of the inductions to get some inspiration going.


(Paul Court) #2

Hi Eimi,

Welcome to the space.
Lots of physical computing going on at the minute, im building a couple of small hexapod/quadruped type robots and a few of the Thursday Electronic crew were doing other projects that you may be interested in last night.

Do the Wednesday tour but If you can make it down on a Thursday evening, that’s the normal Electronic/programming/tinkering night but there are other bits going on all the time.
Its quite informal and you can dive into any projects you fancy playing with but the idea is that there is help about on a Thursday who can lend help/expertise if you are struggling.


(Eimi Okuno) #3

Hey Paul,

That sounds great! I’ll try and come down for both days then.
Are there lists I can sign up to for the inductions?