Hey I’m Tom

Hey everyone, I’m Tom.

I work a Software Architecf/Engineer in the Clinical Trial space, but I’ve always had an interest in making.

I’d consider myself a general maker but I’ve mainly done electronics project (arduinos/ESPs and more recently playing with 6502’s and stuff like that) so far, along with some classic car restoration, 3D printing and other small projects. Now I’m looking to branch out and try some metal working and introduce some new tools to the mix.

I came to the open evening tonight after getting an invite to join a few weeks ago and I was really impressed with the space you’ve all built. I’ve since completed that sign up and I hope to see you at the space soon.

PS I’ve attached some photos of my bigger past projects… including a life size dalek I built many years ago. I hear I’m not the only one here to have done this?
[Edit - I didn’t expect the photos to come out so big :joy: oh well]


Welcome! Glad you enjoyed the space! Those are some fantastic projects.
Hopefully we’ll see you around more soon. Once you’ve done the fob activation thing, you’ll find the space to be open most days so it makes it easy to pop on down.

Lastly, if you ever get bored of the arcade machine, I’m sure it’ll find a loving home there :wink:

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Thanks @NamTaf!

Currently the arcade machine is serving double duty as both an arcade machine and a server cupboard which is quite handy. Given some of the retro consoles I spotted in the space though I am sure it would fit in well :wink: