Hey, I’m Jess

My background is in material innovation, and I have been lucky enough to work with some really amazing building materials. A lot of these materials have had a massive sustainability focus, many from recycled sources, are recyclable, and hold FSC and EPD certificates.

I have recently moved back to SE London from Glasgow, where I was studying my Mdes at the Art School and enjoying the fabrication facilities that came along with working as a visiting lecturer.

I have recently started mapping the trend of recycled solid surface materials and want to start experimenting to see whether I can create some interesting homewares.

Happy to have a chat with anyone about materials and would love any suggestions!

Thanks :slight_smile:




I Jess,

From our email conversation: I’m interested to hear a bit about the plastic materials that can be worked with woodworking tools, and wonder how it would work within our woodshop. If it includes power tools that extract trough the main system that could be an issue…and of course people will wonder about wear and tear on tools

@woodtechs see what you think

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