Hey - I don't seem to be getting emails from Discourse

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Hey everyone,

I’m not getting any notifications for Discourse via email, which is a bit off. I have all my settings enabled for it, does gmail often block discourse perhaps?

Kind regards,

Hi Matt,

Discourse won’t send emails for things that happen while you’re actively viewing the site. There are two such emails in the logs, one for a system-generated PM and one for a thread you were watching.

Otherwise, you have been sent plenty of emails recently and none of them bounced, as far as DIscourse can tell.

The only things I can think of are that you have your email address entered incorrectly, or Gmail is sending them to spam…

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Thanks, good to see that list. They’re not in spam and don’t exist anywhere else on my Gmail (see screenshots) I’ve switched my email to my work one so hopefully that goes out!