Hey, Guy here, creator of OctoPi and 3D printing violin maker, looking to visit today

(Guy Sheffer) #1

Hey all!
I am Guy Sheffer (GuySoft), and I am thinking on visiting today on the open night.
You might know my as the creator of OctoPi, the RaspberryPi distro that runs OctoPrint.
And I am also playing around with building electric violins.

Visiting for 3 weeks, I hope I might be able to visit the open night today. Until when would it usually be open?

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hey Guy


Open evening has no fixed end time – however: mostly visitors come at around 7:30 as there’s a tour at around 7:45. You’ll be welcomed whenever you turn up

(Guy Sheffer) #3

Hey, eta 30 mins . Is anyone gonna be there or should I turn back?

(Guy Sheffer) #4

I am aborting for today. Ill only arrive by 10. Will try again next week

(Dermot Jones) #5

Tonight is electronics/programming night – you’d be welcome to drop by and see the place

Usually there’s @electrotechs in from 7:30

(Guy Sheffer) #6

Going to something else first. Will ping if its relevant later on. Worst case will try next week.