Hey All! Seb here

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Hey Everyone!
Just signed up and completed my basic wood working introduction (thanks @smjmaker). Looking forward to getting started with some simple plywood boxes to help with the storage in the flat and campervan. To that end, what’s the best way to get materials to the space? I could drive them in the van but its not ULEZ compliant so would cost me 12.50 per day. Can materials be delivered or is there a place close to carry them from?

Apart form wood working, am a professional programmer so very into tech! Looking forward to getting into electronics and the 3d printing. Have also experience sewing and metalworking

Cheers and see you soon,


Hi Seb,

You could get materials delivered here if you are going to be here to accept delivery or be here very soon after if no signature required, if someone is here they will accept or the garage next door often keep stuff if nobody is here but it would depend on the items. Always best to ask and see what people think if you are ordering items of any size.

In terms of keeping materials at the space then you need to raise a storage request as space is limited and so you have to have clear intentions of how long you’ll need to keep here, dimensions, etc…

For info on how storage requests work read this post:-

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Hi Seb, nice to meet you!

We had a few other people asking the question about getting materials to the space as well.

Maybe there are a few of you that can get together to have a joint delivery :slight_smile:

Also, tagging our campervan-gang @asander1 @Clem and @petra here :slight_smile:

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