Hey All - Looking to join you for some woodcutting projects

Hey All,

I came across your site many months ago when you were full but seems you might have some space now and would be super excited to join you.

I am a keen boardgamer with my friends and am interested in creating a few boardgames along with an arcade cabinet as a start to improve my woodworking skills. Hoping to broaden out from there with some electronics and see how things go.

Im currently waiting on an email (though I did just sign up). Hoping to hear back as finding a place with all these tools, space to work and great community is fantastic!



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Hi Simon, :grinning: if you are popping by we have an open evening on a Wensday evening if you would like to see the space and have a natter to everyone there, Brian D=

Hey Brian,

Sounds great. Ill pop by on Wednesday evening and meet everyone.

Look forward to it.

Hey all,

I popped down to see the place 3 weeks ago and it looked great. I was wondering if its got very busy on the invites as Iā€™m eagerly awaiting the invite email which hinted at 1-2 weeks.

Sorry for the impatience :slight_smile: kind of excited to join.