Help with riveting a bike saddle

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(David Cushing) #1

Hey :slight_smile:
I need to rivet the metal frame of a Brooks saddle back to the leather seat. Online instructions seem to recommend supporting the pin of the rivet using a metal trivet and then gently hammering the rivet head, which causes the pin to splay. It’s not the kind of rivet that’s compatible with a rivet gun.
I haven’t been inducted into the metal workshop, and there wasn’t anyone there when I popped in earlier. Whilst I have done some riveting like this in the past, and am sure I wouldn’t have damaged anything - I am not going to start using tools without permission! :innocent:
Will any of the @metaltechs be in tomorrow [sunday 5th], who might be willing and able to help with this? Or do you have any better recommendations on how to achieve this riveting? :kissing_cat:
Many thanks!