Help with 3d printer

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #1

Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone would be up for helping me get a bit of confidence with the 3d printer. Jonty has shown me how to use it and we printed out a small project but I don’t feel confident enough to use it unsupervised yet.

I have tried contacting the 3d tech but understand he is very busy.

So if anyone else is willing to show me the ropes that would be great!

Thank you

(laurent_muchacho) #2

Sorry that I did missed your message. I’m usually in the space on Tuesday evening. I’ll be trying to be there tonight to setup for LCW tomorrow evening and Saturday.

As mentioned there most Tuesday so feel free to check on the day beforehand if I’ll be in

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #3

Thanks Laurent

Might you have some time this evening?

I am happy to help out in any way I can with setting up for LCW in exhange for your time?!

Let me know

(laurent_muchacho) #4

Cool. Need to pickup my daughter, feed her and maybe putting her to bed so I won’t be here until 20:30 if that work with you

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #5

Sounds great!

Thank you!!

How can I help you with LCW set up?

(David Santoro) #6

Hey, I’m printing a thing tonight for 2 hours. I’ve booked in the calendar.
I’m a beginner to and this is my first actual print, maybe we can figure it out together?

(Jack Maran Hewetson) #7

Sounds good too!