Help! not a member yet, need to use band saw

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(Irene Trautluft) #1

Hello everyone! Brand new guest here…
I often would like to hack few thing to make them fit in my home but don’t have room for big tools. I’d like to visit the MakerSpace to possibly evaluate a membership, and with the occasion I’d like to bring a couple of shelves to cut to size. I understand I can’t use the band saw myself as I’m not a member, but can I ask one of you experienced @woodtechs to help me out on this? It literally is a matter of three straight cuts, and of course a quick guided tour of the facilities for the my next furniture hacks :wink:

So say, if I arrange (and state here!) a day I can come over, would you be able to tell me if there’s anyone available to lend a hand?
Looking forward to hearing from you all and meeting you in person! :slight_smile:

Thank you all,

(Jonty Bottomley) #2

I can lend a hand, I’ll probably be here tomorrow.

(electrotech) #3

Our jonty runs on biofuel and is powered by snacks and chocolate. If you feel like pampering him. Um, i mean recharging it’s batteries.

(Irene Trautluft) #4

Thank you everyone, in the end I couldn’t come that day, something else of course disrupted my plans… I’ll see if I can come over the Space at the beginning of April! Thanks again!