Help needed for research: Makers and Artists

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Hey makers, my name is Alexander and I’m finishing my Master Studies in the University of Bremen, Germany.
My Master Thesis topic investigate the relation between makers and artists, and which are the correlations and differentiation between that.

For that, I need to conduct a series of qualitative interviews (I have already conducted some), but I am looking if anyone here could help me.
I need to conduct interviews (via zoom or skype, that can be booked according to your convenience, I’m very flexible with time-slots) with artists that are engaged with the maker community - especially those that use maker spaces to develop any artistic outcome.

Anyone here would fit? Or do you have recommendations?
Thank you very much in advance, you can either respond to this topic, PM me or write straight to my university e-mail deaguiar[at]

Hi Alexander,

Not sure I’d fit the brief per sa. My background is tech and now I’m starting to make the move to Jewelry maker over the next 3 years. Additionally my daughter aged 14 wants to be a digital artist of some kind and much of her “home” training has been in makerspace oriented content, so for her it’s bringing her into the fold of making with physical stuff while expanding her digital art knowledge so she has the skills needed to join the “interactive digital design” stream available for her age group at school and university.

Hey Dorine,

Thanks for writing!
I would like to know more about it, for sure, there might be some converging points in which I can use.
I am currently taking a 2 weeks break (I am working in a different place this week and next week I’ll be on vacations), but will come back in 2 weeks from now. Are you available for a talk via Zoom? Or Skype if it works better for you.

Thank you for your contact, hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,

Either is fine, ping me when you are back :slight_smile:

Hey Dorine!
Sorry for the delay, got back yesterday but needed a day to organize everything after the travel.
So yeah, I’m back home, and it would be great if I could talk to you and your daughter via zoom, please let me know when you are free. If you have any link in which I can get to know more about your projects online it would be also great for me.

Thank you very much,