Help! I broke my lathe...!


I have a Draper WTL12A wood lathe and I think I may have accidentally disconnected some of the terminals in the power switch while trying to fit a missing bolt on the switch housing.

I did not intend to disconnect anything but now I have 2 pairs of live/neutral wires and six terminals and no idea what should connect where and in fact if all of them were previously connected to anything?

The 2 yellow wires shown in the photo are still attached as they were originally.

It was working before (although I’ve not run it myself) when it was returned from being on loan to someone so there is every chance the wiring as it stands is as it should be but just making sure, my knowledge on this sort of thing is next to nothing :frowning:

I’m asking in case someone can direct me what to reconnect from the photo (or nothing) or would be willing to help me to get it properly connected again if I bring it to the space but I’m trying to avoid lugging it around again as the head-stock unit is really heavy…

OK, worth a try if anyone out there can advise?

Thanks, Steve


unless either have a different sleeve added on top of original colour

would be my input here.

Hi Petra,

Yeah, I kinda get what you’re saying but the blue/brown wires need to connect on the the block with the terminals so do you mean ignore the connectors which tee of the already connected yellow wires and for the other blue/brown pair to connect them on the next row of terminals down from their corresponding equivalents?

I guess this is really difficult to try to discuss from that photo, I’m not sure how to understand this other than maybe some scribbles on the photo with arrows from connector to terminal to show?

If I have to drag it down to the space for someone to show me in person then I’ll have to do that but like I say, was trying to avoid that if possible…?

Thanks, Steve

I’ve taken a photo of the terminals as attached…

The blue/brown wires currently connected via the yellow extensions go out to the motor and look to be split, I suppose so they can also be connected to other terminals as well? I realise that brown = live and blue = neutral but this does not really help much at all with many of the diagrams I’ve seen.

Not in shot are the blue/brown wires which are the AC in which are currently not connected to anything.

The terminal numbers (if there is any standard to this) that cannot be seen under the wires that are attached are 13,14 for reference

Most of the wiring diagrams I’ve seen do not seem to have the AC in connected to 13,14 but rather 13,23 and AC out to 14,24 but they also include an emergency stop button which this does not have.

I’m not sure if this info is enough to go on and I won’t be taking any chance if I’m not sure but any suggestions would be appreciated… I think this particular. NVR is very old and I’ve not seen any photos like it online, most of them have far fewer terminals and there is no part number or diagram in the side of the component as suggested by loads of posts…

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas please post or if willing to help me get it running if I bring it to the space one evening/weekend that would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks, Steve

The drawing on the back of the switch it’s showing a stick touching a pin.

That means that the bottom 3 are switched contacts, the top one, for what I can understand, it’s not switched, assuming so, connect ground to the top and blue and blown at the bottom.

The last contacts doesn’t seem to be used, there are no markings on them.

If you have a multimeter with continuity check the switch pressed and open, of use one in resistance mode, if is closed you will see zero.

Or bring it Thursday and I will be checking it for you.

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the reply, I think I know what you mean but I’ll probably take you up on your offer and bring it along on Thursday for a proper check and I can also learn something in the process.

I have a multimeter but I don’t really understand how to use it properly. I’ll bring it along as well to use for the checks?

Better safe than sorry and get it checked by a professional, eh? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Steve


Hi Andrea,

Are you still going to be at or hosting Electronic Night this evening?

I’m ready to bring my lathe down for your advice / fix and also some other electronics questions…?

Just checking as its quite a heavy lump to lug about so making sure you’ll be around?

Thanks, Steve


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