Help! Can anyone resolder this USB drive?

(Alec Bruce) #1

Hi all,
A friend of mine has broken a USB stick that she’s been using for the last 6 years and…of course has no cloud backup. It looks like the USB connection has snapped as she caught the corner of the laptop on the table.

Any soldering heroes out there that have some time in a couple of weeks?

(electrotech) #2

The flash memory looks missing. Pics of other side?

(Alec Bruce) #3

I don’t have a pic, but it’s definitely just the usb connector that’s come off and needs soldering back on. Know if this is an easy job for someone to do?

(electrotech) #4

It’s essentially a 2 minute repair. Just need a donor usb plug really.

£0.55 | 10Pcs/lot USB 2.0 Male A Type USB PCB Connector Plug 180 degree SMT SMD Male USB Connectors

(Alec Bruce) #5

Great! Just bought one. Any chance I can call on you in a couple of weeks time to give me hand?

(electrotech) #6

No. But there is a Thursday night electronics where there is likely to be someone else who will lend a hand.

(Alec Bruce) #7

Thanks. Really appreciate the help. I’ll head over one Thurs with the shards of my friends digital memories!

(Howard Batchen) #8

I’ll be there today from midday till probably quite late if you want to bring the stick

(Alec Bruce) #9

Cheers Howard. Only just saw this (need to get my push notifications fixed). My mate hasn’t handed over the usb yet, so it’ll have to be some time next week. I’ll come a week on Thurs or message in this chat again on the off chance you’ll be in on another day.

(Howard Batchen) #10


(Paul Court) #11

i’m looking to be about later for Electronics night so can help if Howard’s not got it fixed before


(Alec Bruce) #12

Cheers Courty. I’ll head over next Thurs.

(Alec Bruce) #13

Heads up - afraid I can’t make it tonight, but I’ll be in the space on Sunday

(Alec Bruce) #14

Bump! Anyone going to be in the space tonight?