Hello :)

Hello all, :sun_with_face:

Just filled in the form and new here.

Im really keen to join you all as soon as possible at South London Makerspace.

I walked past the other day and I will be honest it has made my week knowing that there is something like this so close to home!

I am a maker and Artist and a support, outreach and creative worker for an LGBTIQA+ homelessness organisation & community centre and that is based south of the river.

I have a good knowledge of Laser cutting, and have lead many workshops in alternative photographic processes in my time.
I run a creative program with LGBTIQ+ people experiencing homelessness and have worked with a community based make space in Reading (I am still involved and a trustee) but am so ready to become part of a close to home community like this!

Really cant wait to meet you all and work on some things together :smiley:


Hello Holly,

Welcome to our community! Sounds like you’ll fit right in!

As far as I understand, the current waitlist is fairly short, so watch this space! You filled in the survey, that’s perfect and people from the Welcome Team should be in touch with you in not too long :crossed_fingers:!

Also, you should totally come to check out the Makerspace. We have an open evening where you get a proper tour and can ask all questions membership, but because of the holidays this is currently on hold until January 11th. Ususally, these open evenings happen every other Wednesday from 7pm-9pm.

But there’s more! We have events that are open to everyone, members and non-members, like Electronics Night (usually every Thursday from 7.30pm - late) or Craft and Textile night (every first Tuesday of the month)- which are great for getting a feel for how things run and check out our community. These events are also social events, so you don’t need to be an electronics wizzard or a textile pro - simply pop in for a cuppa and a chat - that’s totally cool and you can ask a member to show you the Makerspace.

Best to regularly check our calendar for these events, because (sometimes) they pop up only a day in advance… everything’s run by volunteers.

If you got any other questions, happy to help out!

Hope to see you at the Makerspace soon,


Welcome Holly!

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