I’m Emerson, just saying hi as I’m a new member. I came to an open evening a few months back but have only just been able to properly commit to time to this. I’m hoping I’m you’ll still have me as I’d love to join.
I can come by this weekend if possible, I’m really keen to make a table top from a tree from my grandparents garden



Hi Emerson,

Welcome to our community! Of course, we’re still happy for you to join - when you visited a few months back, did you fill out the little survey? There is usually link in the e-mail to the invitation for an open evening. Once you filled that out, we can go ahead and sort your membership out!

Just to make sure, I’ll also tag @welcome to check if your application didn’t fall through a crack or something. :smiley:


Hi Mark

Thanks for replying.

Yep l filled out the survey and got the link, I processed a payment for the membership on Wednesday as well as making my account, so hopefully that helps.

Is there anything else I need to do at the moment?

Great! This means you’re now a member of SLMS! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Come visit the space and pick up a keyfob so you can open the door yourself and then get signed up to all the inductions you’d like to attend, i.e. Lasercutter, 3D Printer, Woodshop…

Best start here:

See you at the Makerspace,

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Oh amazing, thanks Mark. I’ll pop round tomorrow in that case