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Hi everyone, it seems like discourse is fairly central to how the SLMS works, so I thought I’d post in here.

I’m not through as a member yet, but I’ve been wanting to join ever since I moved to the area in late 2020. I had a good chat with @smjmaker last night and looking forward to meeting more of you.

I’m mainly into woodwork and furniture to begin with, although I’ve thought about toying with integrating electronics into it as well. Hopefully I’ll get some inspiration from fellow makers. I’ve made a handful of fairly rough things in the past (most recently some oak planters for my garden) but I’m hoping to refine my work a bit, and I’m really impressed by the tools you’ve got in the space.

In my day time I’m an engineer working for the railway, but I only ever work at a desk so I want to get my hands dirty.



Welcome Alex! Yes, everything runs via Discourse! If you haven’t had a tour yet - come by the next open evening if you can! It will be posted in the Events category…

I like the crossover of integrating electronics into things as well - would love to hear some of your project ideas!


I actually did an impromptu tour for 3 people who turned up because the website still says that open evenings are on most Wednesdays :wink:

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Ah yes! Thanks for going that!!