Hi everyone!

My name is Verde and I am a visual artist. I mostly work with painting but I also experiment with installation. I would like to get into wood and metal making and take my installation to the next level.

Unfortunately I couldn’t come on Wednesday night for the open evening as I always have work at that time. Is there any chance I can come around another time?

I really look forward to meeting you and becoming part of the community!

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There is usually someone there on Thursday evenings (incl tonight) because that is our open electronics evening.
If you can’t make that, let us know when you can make it, and we can look in the member-only calendar to see if someone will be there at that time.

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I think you lost track of a day there Brendon :slight_smile:

Non members are welcome every Thursday at 7pm to 9 for our electronics/social night!

LOL, I did! I need a holiday!

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Hi Brendon,

Thank you for replying !

Next week I can make any time on Monday and Tuesday and also Wednesday and Thursday but before 6 pm.

Sorry about this, I hope it won’t be too much of a problem for you!

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So far, no one is scheduled to be there at those times.
I’ll keep monitoring and let you know if someone schedules.

@Dermot will there be someone working on Arch 2 who could give a tour at those times?

We’ll be there next Thursday and Friday.


Verde, there you go! Petra will be there on Thursday.
You can arrange a time with her.

Hi Petra! Thank you for replying! Is there a time that best suits you for me to come around? Xx

Thank you very much Brendon, that’s great!!!