Hi I’m Richard! Total novice at this discourse chat, is this in the right place? :sweat_smile:

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Welcome aboard

This is the discussion section, so, yes, it is the right place :slight_smile:

Welcome to the SLMS

Ok Fantastic!

Thanks Andrea

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What are you making and what can you help others with?

Hi Robert,

So I work with a lot of specialist finishes e.g. gilding, cold cast, cracked/polished plaster and I am keen to use these skills for my own small scale projects mainly decorative domestic items. If there is anyone at the Makers Space who has a project and wanted to put a nice final finish on it like French polish a table or gesso and gild a picture frame etc I would be happy to give some guidance.




Would you consider running a small intro workshop showing examples of previous work and perhaps show attendees the easiest starting point?

Eg. I bring a frame and learn how to put a nice finish on it

Hi Robert

Yes of course I would be happy to do a short demo. I’m still awaiting a basic safety induction so will have to wait until that’s complete.

Also what sort of frame would you bring in? I.e if it’s a basic timber frame with a smooth grain I could put a faux blackened steel finish on it or something like that? It’s quite simple and does not need many materials.

Also regarding materials should I bring them in so people can have a go themselves? Or would just be a straightforward demo and people can make notes if they want to try at a later stage?

Apologies for all the questions, As I’m still getting the hang of how things work here I feel it’s best just to ask!

All the best