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Hi I’m Steve, I recently joined Makerspace to have somewhere to develop some more woodturning skills without upsetting my neighbours. I was looking to come onto the next lathe induction if possible?

I am an ex-IT and apprenticeship teacher so happy to help in any capacity my thin, but widely spread knowledge can. I also make ice cream, which I believe should be a skillset that everyone has in modern society.


Hello! Welcome to Makerspace. We are always keen to have new members that are keen to get involved with the lathe! if you wring ice-cream with you that is even better!

Look out on discourse (have you linked your membership account to discourse?) for details of any upcoming inductions!

Super, I am all linked up so I will keep my peepers peeled.

A tutorial on making smooth ice cream without resorting to using alcohol would be great…

Welcome! I’m also a fellow ice cream maker :slight_smile: Favourite flavour to make?

So far, the whipped cream and condensed milk base has made for the smoothest results and is much less of a faff than making a custard base. Flavour-wise, I’d make peanut butter and chocolate until the cow come home but my partner preferred the honey, lemon and caramelised nut. Unfortunately I am terrible for not writing down my concoctions so they never quite come out the same!

Ah ha, now you have set me running on a new thread!
I guess the cream needs to be double cream to get sufficient protein to stabilise the sugar and air.
Do you whisk the condensed milk to get more air entrained into the mix?
I could try peanut butter and chocolate, but I think it would need to be really dark as Peanut can be a bit overwhelming for me…

Condensed milk is a magical, if quiet bad for you , thing! As it’s sweetened I’ve rarely had to add any sugar to the mix. The process for a chocolate ice cream is to mix a tin of condensed milk with about a third of the same amount of milk and some cocoa powder so that it’s evenly coloured. Whip the double cream to just past soft peaks and fold in the condensed milk mix and then add to the churn. Basically, sub out the cocoa and the milk for your chosen flavour and if it’s ever too thick just thin it out a bit with milk.

It make quite a marshmallow/gelato texture ice cream. Also, as there’s no cooling of the mix it can be done on a whim, the best time to make treats.

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You had me at ‘ice cream’ :grin:

We used to make ice cream pre-child :slight_smile: my favourite flavour so far was purple yam (I’m Filipino) and espresso

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Espresso coffee is a household favourite here too. I’d not thought of using high sugar content veg in ice-cream, this opens whole new recipe avenues! Thank you.