Hello there (insert Obi- Wan ) Maciej here

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Hi There!

My name is Maciej and have been following the forum for a while.
I’m was trying to attend the open since i got an invite in Feb but unfortunately couldn’t make it there due to various reasons.
Little about me, I have always been interested in crafts and building things. From small knifemaking project to helping out with building a campsite for fellow scouts. I have also did a little bit of pottery while studying in Finland, and would love to come back to it, but pottery seems to be ridiculously expensive in London.
I am now thinking about some sewing projects including Chalk bag, and cycling shoulder bag and + have couple woodworking and electronics project ideas.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Welcome Maciej!

Do you have any photos of the knife you made? I would love to see them!

Unfortunately that knife project was bit of a failure as it was done using manual tools only aaand just before I left for uni, so never got to finish it. Maybe one day when I’ll get a chance to finish it at Makerspace!
EDIT: Found pics https://kamykwithfiles.tumblr.com/

Also my tea pot and tea/coffee cups:


Hey, knife pics look great, nice filing setup! Having done that method myself I know how much effort it is so bravo. What kind of steel did you go for?

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It was tool steel NC6, seems like it’s international equivalent is 12Kh1