Hello Team

Hello, I’m Michael. I just signed up and I’m interested in carpentry and some metal work. I’ve got experience with electronics, CAD, 3D printing, and software dev and am happy to get involved with anything! I’ve written up some of my previous projects if anyone fancies a look! https://michaeledjones.tumblr.com/

Looking forward to meeting people!


Hi Michael


The ‘magnetic feel’ looks brilliant (and love the name!)

Have to been to visit us yet?

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Thank you! Yeah, the name was probably the thing that took the second-longest to get right, after flashing the ATTINY-85 about 60 times.

Yes, I went for the open evening thing on Wednesday. Great space! Looking forward to getting involved.


Hi Mike,

Are you interested in showing off your Magnetic Feel at the Maker Festival on 14th May?

would love to, but unfortunately, I’m not in the UK that day and I donated the toy a while ago. When I get the required inductions, however, I’m planning to make another!

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